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Tantric massage

The massage therapist will provide lotion, oil and music

You are in charge

Full body massage

Book in seconds and schedule 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week where available massage

30-60 minutes arrive

Sensual massage

massage therapist comes to you in as little as an hour


4 Hands Massage

massage at shanghai

 The four-hands massage is perfect for those who are struggling to put down their daily thoughts and stress during massage treatments. 

Chinese massage

Shanghai outcall

Chinese massage is an important part of traditional medicine and has a long history.  It has a unique and significant effect on the treatment of diseases, health car

crystal energy balance massage

Oil massage

One of the most popular professional massages, cinnamon and rosemary are massaged with coconut oil to relieve muscle stiffness, coordinate and strengthen the body's natural energy flow.

Warm Tantric Massage

Happy ending massage

As a man, you will experience our Tantra massage, a very emotional body to body massage that will give you a deeper understanding of your true identity.  Massage will inspire your heart, so you can be plentiful, calm, wholehearted and confident.  

Relaxing foot massage

Foot massage

It can achieve deep relaxation of the feet and legs, stimulate the balance of body organs through the pressure massage on the soles of the feet, effectively relieve nervous tension and muscle tension

Swedish Oil Massage

Relaxing massage

It can effectively promote blood circulation, relieve body tension, and massage deeper body tissues by using high-intensity massage techniques.

Traditional Thai Massage

Chinese massage

Thai massage usually has a compression effect, that is, the rhythmic pressing motion is directed into the muscle tissue by the hand or the finger.  Thai massage is usually done on the futon mat of the floor, and the client wears loose or elastic clothes such as yoga.  The therapist is also on the mat, moving your body to a variety 

Aromatherapy Massage

Nuru massage

In aromatherapy massages, mix essential oils with carrier oils such as sweet almonds, jojoba or grape seeds.  The therapist then adds a few drops of popular essential oils such as lavender, mint, bergamot, rose or geranium to the mixture used in the massage.  More advanced spas


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