4 Hands Mssage

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In a four-handed massage, two therapists usually work on the client using synchronized actions.  A four-handed massage is like a two-time body massage. An excellent massage therapist will use the client's body as a canvas to arrange slow and detailed movements at different paces and pressures.  Four-hand massages are usually more expensive than other forms of massage because the time and skills of the two therapists must be compensated.

Full Body Massage

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In a full body massage, the therapist massages the entire body during a therapeutic massage.  Training usually lasts at least 60 minutes, so you have enough time to exercise on all major parts of the body, such as the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck.

Swedish Massage


Swedish massage can improve blood circulation, by increasing nutrient-rich oxygen streams into the body muscle to help you feel energetic. In addition, it also stimulates the lymph nation system, which is carried out with the body of the waste, which means that you can handle and bad on faster. If you encounter muscle spasms and spasms, then the right parts of your problem can be ease of pain. Massage therapy can also help to relieve pain synthesis of arthritis and sciatic neuralgia and other diseases pain.

Thai Massage

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Thai massage usually has a compression effect, that is, the rhythmic pressing motion is directed into the muscle tissue by the hand or the finger.  Thai massage is usually done on the futon mat of the floor, and the client wears loose or elastic clothes such as yoga.  The therapist is also on the mat, moving your body to a variety of stretches and postures without any work.  This is why it is sometimes referred to as "lazy yoga."  Thai massage can relax and energize, so if you want to stay active after a massage, this is a good choice.

aromatherapy massages


In aromatherapy massages, mix essential oils with carrier oils such as sweet almonds, jojoba or grape seeds.  The therapist then adds a few drops of popular essential oils such as lavender, mint, bergamot, rose or geranium to the mixture used in the massage.  More advanced spas create their own custom blends in advance - use up to five oils in the mix and name their signature oils for each effect.  Relaxing aromatherapy massages can include essential oils of lavender or bergamot, while mint and eucalyptus oils can be used to soothe muscle soreness.

Sports Massage


Sports massage is designed to help athletes prepare for optimal performance, return to health after a major event or play a good role in the training process.  However, as the name suggests, you don't have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage.  Sports massage emphasizes the prevention and cure of muscle and tendon injuries and may be beneficial for people with injuries, chronic pain or limited range of activities.