shanghai outcall massage

Shanghai Head Massage Full Body Massage Click "Yintang Shenting" 1. Open and close the activity process. Clear the thumb from the court to the shrine Yintang, from light to full body Nanjing massage, and extend to the forehead after 3 to 5 times. Click on Yintang Shenting. Role: Keep your head calm and open your eyes. 2. Brush your bristles in a mustang. Push the bone points of the two thumbs inward from the middle, from light to heavy, heavy without stagnation, for 3 to 5 times, then place the two thumbs on the bone size of the first bone and reduce the strings And the stomata are reduced for 1 to 2 minutes. Role: Wake up and open the bridge. 3. Forehead painted in red. Use two thumbs to point to bamboo pulp to save space music. The technology should not be heavy, light and non-floating. Role: Striking. 4. Watch the moon window. Wipe the upper and lower eyelids 3 to 5 times with the thumb and abdomen of both hands. Role: Relieve and prevent eyelid aging. 5. Spiral points minus four white points. Point the thumbs of both hands with the two white dots for 1 to 2 minutes. When your eyes come out of the white four-point hole, you can clean your thumb and hands on your belly for hours. Role: Refreshing. 6. Click the giant spiral. Point the giant tooth acupuncture points 3 to 5 times with both thumbs. From the huge macro shadow of the cave, the cave to the entrance is the main factor affecting the gate. Role: Qualcomm's nasal cavity is open. 7. Pass through the tip of the nose. The pulp passed from the tip of the nose 3 to 5 times at the midpoint of the hand, pushing the tip of the nose towards both sides of Morton. Role: Qualcomm awakens the letter. 8. Central Morton Weekly. Use two hands to wipe the part from the person's lips with the thumb and abdomen on the part, then push the serous part with the main factor under the self-support of the lips, and point to the part 3 to 5 times point Action: relieve facial muscle tension . 9. Both winds penetrate the ears. From operation to thumb and index finger, rub the other ear and part of the ear into 5 rows, then pull the bottom of the earlobe. Role: Smart female ears to help the body regulate. 10. Ruchik broke the car. With both hands, point your thumb at the cheek cart 3 to 5 times, then point your thumb from the ear hole to the door to make it slightly larger. Role: Relieve facial muscle tension. 11. Click Get Propeller. Leave the fingers of both hands in the holes of the thumb for 1 to 2 minutes, then pinch the thumb pulp of the mandibular canal. Role: Promote blood circulation in the jaw. 12. Responsible for opening and closing the hemp surface bath. Open and close palms with both hands, then gently wipe Moroccan noodles through eyes, nose, mouth and other areas. Impact: Increase facial blood circulation. 13. Click on the five spirals. The patient is lying on his back, the patient is holding on the pulp of the thumb, because the silver soup will point to white little by little, because the fish is back to back at the junction of the top, parallel to the bed, from the child, the following In parallel. Massage spiral click on the top of Nanjing intersection. Role: Refreshes and calms the nerves. 14. Push the "three palms" wiping method horizontally. Illuminate the sternocleidomastoid muscle with five fingers at the same time, three to five times from top to bottom. Role: Buck. The effect of head massage: Evacuation of wind evil, Kaiqiao analgesia, sedation and calmness, good eyesight.