thai massage

Thai massage is a popular massage method in Thailand. It is an evolution of traditional Chinese massage methods. It is mainly based on active joints. This method is simple and practical. This is one of the better health care methods. It is mainly active joints without acupoints. Easy to learn, difficult and practical. Thai massage places great emphasis on back and waist extensions. Masseurs work from the toes all the way to the top of the head, then perform a series of movements and massage from the feet to the heart. The technology covers almost all actions such as pressing, touching, pulling, dragging, kneading, pinching, etc. Thai massage is a kneeling service, where the left and right hands alternate gently, evenly, and at a moderate speed and in sequence. After bathing, Thai health massage can make people quickly eliminate fatigue and restore physical fitness. It can also enhance the elasticity and vitality of joint ligaments, restore normal joint function, and achieve the effects of promoting body fluid circulation, health and disease prevention, and health and beauty.

Thai massage originated in the western part of ancient India. Founded by King King's doctor Givakokuma, he is still considered the father of medicine by the Thai people. His traditional medicine and massage knowledge and techniques were brought to Thailand by missionary monks and summoned by the King of Thailand to broadly absorb their valuable experience in traditional medicine and massage. They were carved in marble and inlaid on the veranda walls of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. And become a base for training traditional Thai massage.

Thai massage is the highest courtesy of the ancient Thai king to entertain royal guests. Currently, there are young ladies, sirs and some blind people doing this job. Mainly divided into two categories of health massage and leisure massage.